How to install Store & Service Hours Extension

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With Food Store version 1.2, you will be getting additional submenus under Food Store menu in WordPress admin. Some of the examples of these new submenus are account, support, contact and addons. When you select addons submenu, you’ll be able to find the Store and Service Hours extension available to download.

Installing Store Hours

You need to click on the “View Details” button in order to check the addons details, what the addon can provide and what are the prices to get it.

You will also have the option to purchase it with variable prices like a annual fee or a lifetime free that to be with a single license to unlimited license options.

Purchasing Food Store addons are most secure with Freemius. It will show you the purchase page with SSL integrated iFrame page. Once the payment is done you will get all the information via email along with invoice, license details and the license key.

You can get the downloaded file once the payment is done, or you can also get auto install link via email, through which the system will automatically download and install the plugin for you. All you need to do is to click the start button.

Once the installation is done, you can activate the plugin and enter the license that you get via email and that’s it. You are now in control of most flexible timing of your store.

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