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Just like any other WordPress plugins, Food Store plugin can be downloaded in 2 ways. Either you can go to Add New Plugins page and Search for Food Store. Or you can go directly to WordPress plugins repository and download the Food Store plugin.

Installing from your WordPress Admin (Easy Method)

1. Login to you WordPress Admin Panel.
2. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New Plugin.
3. Search for Food Store.

4. Just click on the “Install Now” and then Activate the plugin. You are ready to go.

Installing by downloaded plugin ZIP file

1. Please go to WordPress plugin repository by typing
2. Search for Food Store in the Search Bar.

3. Find the Food Store plugin from the list and click on it to go to details page.
4. Click on the download link and you will have your ZIP file downloaded.

5. Login to Admin Panel and go to Plugins -> Add New Plugin.
6. Click on “Upload Plugin” link available on top and it will give you the option to upload your plugin.

7. Once upload you can click on Activate and you are ready to go.


Food Store is completely dependent on WooCommerce plugin. So, before or after installing the plugin you have to install the WooCommerce plugin. All the food items you have are needed to be added using WooCommerce only. Thank you.

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